Hillyer Youth News: January 27

Hillyer Youth News: January 27

This Weekend…

  • Sunday, January 28, we will meet at Hillyer at 5:00pm to head over to the Campbell Law School for a special youth event  hosted by the Campbell Youth Theological Institute (Dinner will be provided). The event wraps up at 8:00pm. This is a brand new and exciting opportunity!

Camp Registration Sunday…

  • If you would like to get a jump start on summer camp registration, please click here: 2018 Summer Camp Registration. All forms can be returned to the church office.
  • On Sunday, January 28, there will be registration tables set up in the youth lounge beginning at 9:30am. We will have all forms available, but please bring your youth’s insurance card. If you register your youth by January 28, along with a $50 deposit, you will be entered in a drawing for a free camp!
  • Please remember that each youth receives a $100 scholarship each summer season. Payment plans and additional scholarships are available as requested. Please contact Catherine or Donna Moore with questions!

Midwinter and Spring Retreats…

  • It’s time to register for the CYF (high school) and Chi Rho (middle school) Midwinter and Spring Retreats!
    • Friday, February 2, CYF will travel to Camp Caroline for Midwinter Retreat. The church van will leave at 4:00pm on Friday and return by 2:00pm on Sunday, February 4. You may even recognize our keynoter, Rev. Linda Harding!
    • Friday, March 2, Chi Rho will travel to Camp Caroline for Spring Retreat. The church van will leave at 4:00pm on Friday and return by 2:00pm on Sunday, March 4.
    • The cost for both retreats is $90 ($45 for RCYW).

Valentine’s Luncheon…

  • Sunday, February 11, our upper elementary school students will host a luncheon for our most seasoned Hillyer members… in the 70-100 age category! We ask parents and your young person (people) to join us at 10:00am in the Fellowship Hall. At that time we will set the tables for the luncheon and coach the young people on how to “host” their table. At the end of the 11:00am worship, you will head back downstairs to get ready to serve the folks who join us. The biggest help we will need from parents is to assist Allen Richardson with washing and putting away the dishes. (Allen is our industrial dishwasher volunteer!) The luncheon concludes after the meal and dishes have been finished – around 1:00, 1:30pm!

Summer Mission Trips…

  • Our middle school youth will travel to Asheville to join Asheville Youth Mission June 24-29. The total cost for the trip is $150. We need your $50  deposit for this trip ASAP. The remaining $100 is due May 1.
  • Our high school  youth will travel to  Appalachia Service Project July 22-28. The total cost for the trip is $150. We need your $50 deposit for this trip ASAP. The remaining $100 is due March 1.


  • January 28: Camp Registration Sunday and Youth (Tell Your Story Event)
  • February 2-4: Midwinter Retreat (high school)
  • February 11: JYF/Prime Timers Luncheon and Youth
  • February 14: Ash Wednesday Pancake Supper and Worship
  • February 18: Youth
  • February 25: Youth
  • March 2-4: Spring Retreat (middle school)

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