Hillyer Youth News: November 15

Hillyer Youth News: November 15

Christmas Parade

The Next Two Weekends…

  • Friday, November 17 through Saturday, November 18, our Chi Rho (middle schoolers) are invited to spend the night at the church and participate in our annual Christmas Parade Fundraiser. Youth should arrive at 8:00pm on Friday and will be wrapped up by noon on Saturday.
    • Bring sleeping stuff, warm clothes, and a snack to share! 
  • Sunday, November 19, there will be regular youth for CYF (high school) from 6:00-7:30pm. There will be no youth for Chi Rho. We will be working on the Christmas Eve Production!
  • Sunday, November 26, there will be regular youth for CYF (high school) and Chi Rho (middle school) from 6:00-7:30pm.

 Sausage Biscuits…

  • Calling all biscuit makers… The Chi Rho Lock-in for the Annual Christmas Parade Fundraiser is coming up quickly! If you are able to cook and donate sausage biscuits, you can drop them off on Friday, November 17 in the kitchen fridge!


  • November 17-18: Christmas Parade Fundraiser for Chi Rho
  • November 19: Regular Youth for CYF
  • November 26: Regular Youth for CYF and Chi Rho
  • December 3: Christmas Caroling

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