Hillyer Youth News: September 27

Hillyer Youth News: September 27

Sunday Nights…

  • Sunday, October 2, there will be Regular Youth (6:00-7:30pm) for CYF and JYF; there will be no Chi Rho (middle school).
    • Parents, please remember there is no snack supper, but there will be a few minutes at the beginning of youth for finishing up brown bag dinners.
    • There will be Hillyer Hoopster practice this week at 5:45pm!

Summer 2017 Mission Trips…

  • Sign ups for our Summer 2017 Mission Trips are ongoing. Bring your $50 deposit to secure your spot.
  • Our middle school youth will travel to Lexington, Kentucky to join Maxwell Presbyterian for their Mission Immersion Project June 10-16, 2017. (For those of you with a high schooler at home, yes, this is the same week as CYF Conference at Camp Caroline… plan your romantic getaway accordingly!) The total cost will be $150 and is first come, first serve for the 12 remaining spots.
  • After a conversation with Appalachia Service Project, we tentatively have July 23-29, 2017** for our high school mission trip to… where they send us. I do promise to send you to a site with air conditioning in your sleeping quarters this year! The total cost for the trip is $150 and 8 youth spots are first come, first serve. **If the date changes, deposits will be refundable**

Youth Health Form…

  • Parents, in order for your youth to participate in Youth this year, you will need to fill out a health form for each family. Forms are available here and also in the boxes outside of the Youth Lounge.
  • If your insurance card information has changed since camp, please provide a copy of your youth’s insurance card. You can contact Catherine for more information and with questions.

Middle School Fall Retreat…

  • Friday, September 30, Chi Rho will travel to Camp Caroline. The church van will leave at 4:00 pm (arrive early) on Friday and return by 2:00 pm on Sunday, October 2. Please send money for dinner on the way there and lunch on the way home.

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