Hillyer Youth News: March 6th

Hillyer Youth News: March 6th


 Hillyer Youth News, March 6, 2014

1 Timothy 4:12

LOL (Live Out Loud)

Hi Hillyer Youth and Parents! See what’s happening in our church family!

Highlights for the Week…

  • A big HOORAY for Emily Gray, Cameron Houston, Thomas Hairston, Lile Grey Churn, and Alec Ashby for being elected to the 2014 – 2015 RCYW.  Another big HOORAY for Austin Caulder for being re-elected for the upcoming year!
  • Every Sunday School class in the church will be kicking off the new Lent series this Sunday.  All classes are asked to meet in the Fellowship Hall to start. After this small gathering, we will break out for our regular Sunday School classes.
  • All CYF who would like to be a part of Youth Sunday on March 16th must attend youth group this Sunday, March 9th.  Seniors, please have your parts ready to go.
  • Children ages 3-years through 2nd grade are invited to join us on Sunday from 9:30-9:55 a.m.  for Power Praisers in the Disciples Drama room! Our children will have the chance to work out their Sunday morning wiggles while praising God with fun Christian songs led by Susan Gray. Contact Susan Gray (susan.daughter3@gmail.com) or Bill Rashleigh (brashleigh@nc.rr.com) for more information.


  • Youth Sunday is March 16th.  The CYF will be leading both services.  Breakfast will be served for the CYF during the two services.
  • March 16th is also Camp Registration Sunday.  To help speed up the process, please come with the registration form filled out as much as possible.  You can download it here.  Lynne McHaney and Susan Gray will be running this process.  You will need a copy of your insurance card so please bring that with you.  Also, you will need to know the date of your child’s latest physical.
  • The Applebee’s Pancake Fundraiser is March 29th from 8:00 – 10:00.  Tickets cost $7 and we will start selling tickets this Sunday.  Please spread the word to help raise money for our youth programs!
  • Parents…Caroline and Luke need volunteers to help out with the Nursery, Preschool, and Children’s Church. If you are free to volunteer one Sunday in March, please sign up online (http://www.signupgenius.com/index.cfm?go=s.signup&urlid=30E044BABAD2DA02-childrens4) or email Luke (Lhmiles2@gmail.com).

Youth This Week…


9:30 AM: Power Praisers Children ages 3-years through 2nd grade are invited to join us on Sunday from 9:30-9:55 a.m. before Sunday School for Power Praisers in the Drama Room.

9:45 AM: JOY and GROW Sunday School Everyone will meet in the Fellowship Hall to start.  Then all JYF youth head to the third floor for JOY Sunday School!  All Chi Rho-CYF youth head to the CYF room!  See you then!

4:15-6:00: Hillyer Live Come praise God through the arts!  We have handbells, handchimes, theater, and choir!  Check the calendar page for the schedule.  Everyone is welcome!  No previous experience required.  These groups will perform throughout the year.

6:00: Snack Supper Come to the Fellowship Hall at 6:00 for a great meal and time with your friends.  The cost is $3 a person with a $10 family max.

6:30 – 7:30: Youth Group All youth groups will meet.

Coming Soon…

March 9: Hillyer Live and Youth Group

March 16: Youth Sunday

March 23: St. Pauls and Hillyer Joint Youth Group

March 29: Youth Group Applebee’s Pancake Fundraiser

Connect with God…

This week, to connect to God, think about something you can add to your daily life for Lent instead of taking something away.  Maybe you can add a nightly devotional or a morning prayer?

Remember you are deeply loved by God and called to share that love with the world around you!

God Bless,


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