Chi Rho Mission Trip day 4

Chi Rho Mission Trip day 4

Once again we got to sleep in. We had an amazing breakfast provided by the one and only Team Awesome. We built a porch  for a family who needed a porch and a ramp so their sick father could get in and out of the house. We had a lot of fun! We learned how to drive nails, how to use a power drill, and how to love our neighbors as ourselves. The family welcomed us with open arms and provided us with cameras and sodas. They also had a funny dog named Hobo. :) The feeling of seeing something we built on someone’s house was just… amazing. When we came back, we went swimming at one of the generous church members’ pool. Tonight Team Awesome is preparing us dinner and I’ve heard it might be Tom’s famous crunchy chicken. We are preparing a fabulous worship for tonight with a “How Do You Love Your Neighbor?” theme. And of course……. Team Epic is doing an epic job of cleaning up behind us. Tonight after dinner, we’re going to something called Pickin’ and Grinnin’, where we’re going to get to sing and dance and have a whole lot of fun!!



Forever yours,

Team Fabulous

Taryn<3 Savannah Sam Tommy and Abbye


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