Hillyer Youth News: End of Year parties, camp and mission trip deadlines, and more!

Hillyer Youth News: End of Year parties, camp and mission trip deadlines, and more!


 Hillyer Youth News, May 9th 2013

Romans 8:38-39


Hi Hillyer Youth and Parents!

I hope you had a God-filled week!  Thanks to everyone who helped with our pancake fundraiser on Saturday.  You helped us raise over $600 for our mission trips, YES fund, and the Bundy Scholarship.  Don’t forget that last Sunday was the last night of our regularly scheduled Sunday night youth groups.  We will still have end of year parties, senior celebrations, misison trip and camp meetings, deep talk and lots of time to be together having fun, loving God and loving others.  Watch the website and your email to know how you can be involved.

Below are details for what is going on in Hillyer Youth Ministries in the next few weeks.

Highlights for this week…

  • No regularly scheduled youth group this Sunday.  Celebrate your mothers and all the people who care for you, teach you, and show you what God’s unconditional love looks like!
  • Don’t forget camp and mission trip forms are due on May 25th. If you have any questions or need forms let me know (allison@hillyerchurch.org)

Remember you are deeply loved by God and called to share that love with the world around you!

God bless you,


Youth This Week



9:45 AM: JOY and GROW Sunday School

All JYF youth head to the third floor for JOY Sunday School!   All Chi Rho-CYF youth head to the CYF room!  We will have donuts and learn about another exciting Hebrew Bible character.  See you then!

Coming Soon

  • May 19th: Senior Sunday!
  • May 25th: Last day to sign up for camps and mission trips
  • May 30th: CYF Mission Trip Meeting at 6:30
  • June 2nd: End of Year Parties

Connect with God

This week, to connect to God, read about how God’s love is like a mother’s love.  Read the scriptures Isaiah 66:13 and Hosea 11:3-4.  .  Think about the ways in which God nurtures us, cares for us, teaches us, and loves us unconditionally.  Give thanks to God.  Also say thank you to mom’s and to all the people who teach you, care for you, encourage you and love you unconditionally.  These people show us what God’s love looks like!

Make a Difference and Love Big!

  • Bring in your quarters this Sunday for our Stop Hunger Now quarter collection.  Our goal is 5000 quarters…So skip a soda this weekend and use those quarters to provide a meal to someone who is hungry. Bring your quarters to Allison.
  • Send a note to Katie Rose our CYF sponsor.  This is her last week in Raleigh before she graduates and moves to Georgia.  If you need her contact info let me know.

God’s love


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