Hillyer Youth News: Youth Sunday, Applebees Pancake Fundraiser, Pullen Park day and more!

Hillyer Youth News: Youth Sunday, Applebees Pancake Fundraiser, Pullen Park day and more!


 Hillyer Youth News, April 28 2013

Romans 8:38-39


Hi Hillyer Youth and Parents!

I hope you had a God-filled week!  This week is Youth Sunday!  I am so proud of the work you all have done to put it together!  It will be a love-filled, God-filled, joy-filled worship!  Invite you family and friends to come and worship with us.

Below are details for what is going on in Hillyer Youth Ministries in the next few weeks!  Come join us!


  • Youth Sunday rehearsal:  Saturday April 27th: 10 AM for Chi Rho and CYF.  Sunday 7:45 AM for youth handbells, 8 AM for Chi Rho and CYF., 10 AM for JYF.  If you are planning to be in youth Sunday it is very important that you are at rehearsal.  There are parts for everyone! If you can’t be there let Allison  know ASAP.
  • This Sunday bring the quarters you have collected for our Stop Hunger Now meal!
  • We will have regular Hillyer Live and  a fun-filled youth group on Sunday night!
  • Applebee’s pancake breakfast fundraiser is May 4th.  All JYF, Chi Rho, and CYF will be serving.  Sign up on the youth website! We will have tickets available on Sunday for you to sell to neighbors, teachers, and friends!
  • May 5th we will have youth group at Pullen Park from 2-4 PM.  There will be no Hillyer Live

Remember you are deeply loved by God and called to share that love with the world around you!

God bless you,


Youth This Week


10:00 AM: Youth Sunday Rehearsal for CYF and Chi Rho

Meet in the sanctuary.  We will practice the youth sunday worship!  You all have worked hard preparing it and I am excited about it.  All Chi Rho and CYF who will be in youth sunday need to be at rehearsal.  Chi Rho will be finishing the painting and getting parts to help serve, sing, and be in the skits.  CYF will be running through the worship.  See you soon for this important time!


7:45 AM: Youth Hand Bells meet for rehearsal

8:00 AM: Chi Rho and CYF Youth Sunday rehearsal

All CYF and Chi Rho meet in the sanctuary to rehearse for Youth Sunday.  We will begin at 8 so try to be there by 7:50

9:00 AM: Chi Rho and CYF lead worship!

9:45 AM: Breakfast!

The youth committee is preparing a yummy breakfast for Chi Rho and CYF in the CYF room!  Yum!

10:00 AM: JYF rehearsal

JYF meet in the sanctuary to rehearse your children’s sermon for youth sunday!


Youth Sunday at 11 AM!

4:15-6:00 PM: Hillyer Live

           4:15-5:00 PM: Youth Bells (6th-12th grade)

          4:30-5:00 PM: Children’s Alleluia Choir (K-5th grade)

          5:00-5:30 PM: Theater (K-12th grade)

         5:30-6:00 PM: Youth Celebrate! Choir (6th-12th grade)

         5:30-6:00 PM: Children’s Hand Chimes (3rd-5th grade)

6:00: Snack Supper

       The Harrell family is providing snack supper!  Thanks!  $3 per meal with $10 family max

6:30-7:30: Youth Groups!

Come play and celebrate your hard work.

Coming Soon

  • May 4th: Applebee’s Pancake Fundraiser Breakfast JYF, Chi Rho, and CYF arrive at 7 AM.  Folks can come eat breakfast from 8 AM-10 AM.  Tickets available on Sunday at church and at the door.  Invite your friends.  Money raised supports YES Fund, Bundy Scholarship, and Youth Missions!  It is great fun and for a good cause.
  • May 5th: Special Youth Group at Pullen Park We will be playing with Saint Paul’s Youth at Pullen Park from 2-4 PM.  JYF-CYF invited to come and play.
  • May 19th: Senior Sunday!
  • June 2nd: End of Year Parties

Connect with God

This week, to connect to God, check out this website www.d365.org.  It has great daily devotionals, scripture, and prayer that will help you begin or end your day with God!

Make a Difference and Love Big!

You are already loving big and sharing God’s big love by leading our congregation in worship this Sunday!  Way to go!

Want more ways to love big…

  • Bring in your quarters this Sunday for our Stop Hunger Now quarter collection.  Our goal is 5000 quarters…So skip a soda this weekend and use those quarters to provide a meal to someone who is hungry. Bring your quarters to Allison.
  • CYF and Chi Rho, sign up for the mission trips this summer to the Appalachian Mountains!  It’s not too late.

God’s love


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