Hillyer Youth News: Palm Sunday, Practicing Resurrection, Prayer Vigil and more!

Hillyer Youth News: Palm Sunday, Practicing Resurrection, Prayer Vigil and more!


 Hillyer Youth News, March 23, 2013

Romans 8:38-39


Hi Hillyer Youth and Parents!

I hope you had a God-filled week!  We had a great time at Defy Gravity!  Who knew that bouncing all night could be so much fun!  I was so proud of you all and the ways that you all helped each other, welcomed new friends, and had so much fun! If you have pictures from the night, share them with me and I will put them on the website!  For those of you who weren’t there, know that you were missed.

This week begins Holy Week.  This is the week that we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus.  We have a special schedule this week so read closely.  Here are some highlights for the week!

  • We will not have youth group or Hillyer Live this Sunday night or next week for Palm Sunday and Easter.
  • All CYF/Chi Rho Youth are encouraged to join us at 9:45 in the youth lounge on Sunday (tomorrow).  We will be hiding Easter Eggs.  Plan to stay after the 11 AM worship to help lead the Easter Egg Hunt and go to the Palm Sunday lunch!
  • All kids are encouraged to come to the sanctuary at 10:45 to help us wave palms in worship for palm Sunday

Remember you are deeply loved by God and called to share that love with the world around you!

God bless you,


Youth This Week



9:45: CYF and Chi Rho prepare for Easter Egg Hunt

Meet in the youth lounge.  If the weather is good, we will be hiding eggs outside at this time.  If the weather is not great, we will be hiding eggs after communion in the 11 AM worship in the church.  We will also be spending part of the Sunday School hour writing letters to the youth of First Christian Church Owensboro Kentucky.  Their church was struck by lightning last week and burned down.  We will be sending them notes of love as well as some hymnals they can sing from on Easter!

10:45: Kids meet to wave palms

All youth and kids are encouraged to meet in the sanctuary to prepare to wave the palms during the palm sunday worship!

11:45: CYF and Chi Rho prepare for Easter Egg Hunt

CYF and Chi Rho will finish hiding eggs and prepare to lead the egg hunt!

12:00: Palm Sunday Lunch and Easter Egg Hunt

Everyone is invited for the Palm Sunday Lunch and egg hunt.  Youth and children 5th grade and younger will be searching for eggs!  Youth age 6th grade and older will be helping lead the hunt!

Coming Soon

  • March 28: Prayer VigiThe church has committed to 24 hours of prayer between Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.  You can sign up for a 30 minute slot to come and pray at the church.  Come with friends or with your family.  This is a great way to spend time with God as we remember Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection on Easter!
  • March 30: Easter! We will not be having youth group on Easter night, but do come to church that Sunday.  It will be amazing!  It is the greatest day of our year when we celebrate the truth that Jesus lives!  We know on Easter that God’s life is bigger than death, that God’s love is bigger than death, and that, in God, we have nothing to fear!  Come to the sunrise service at the Capital building (David is preaching and the Grace and Peace singers are singing), the 9 AM worship (Ben, Ashlyn, Reid, and Max will be baptized or confirmed and Allison will be preaching), or the 11 AM worship (there will be great music and the story of the new life we find in God!)

Connect with God

This week, to connect to God, think about the new life we find in God!  Give God thanks.  Pray about all the ways that God has helped you and our world to find new life!  Then, write a letter to our friends being baptized on Sunday celebrating them as they commit their lives to the new life found in God!

Make a Difference and Love Big!

Say a prayer for the church of First Christian Church Owensboro Kentucky whose church burned down in a fire last week.  Write the church, its youth, or its pastors a letter telling them that you are praying for them and giving them hope in the midst of their grief.  Bring your letters to me and I will mail them to them.  This is one way to practice resurrection…you can help this church to find and trust in God’s new life in the midst of their despair and grief.

God’s love


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