Youth News March 1: Defy Gravity, Easter and More!

Youth News March 1: Defy Gravity, Easter and More!



 Hillyer Youth News, March 1 2013

Romans 8:38-39


Hi Hillyer Youth and Parents!

I hope you had a God-filled week.  Check out the info below to learn more about youth in the next few weeks.  A couple important things to highlight:

  • There is no Hillyer Live or Chi Rho this week because of the Chi Rho retreat.  There WILL be snack supper and CYF and JYF
  • The deadline to RSVP to our Defy Gravity Lock In and guarantee a spot is this Thursday, March 7th.  You can RSVP on this website on the Defy Gravity form…click here to RSVP now

God bless you,


Youth This Week


4:30: Chi Rho leave for Camp Caroline


9:45: Sunday School

This week at GROW we will learn about Lent!    We will be talking about why we do things we don’t want to do and how we can stop! Come GROW with us!

1:00: Chi Rho return from Camp Caroline

4:15-6:00 PM: No Hillyer Live this week

Bill is on a cruise so there will be no Hillyer Live…don’t you wish he had taken us with him :)

6:00-6:30: Snack Supper by the Moore family!  Bring $3 for a great meal!

6:30-7:30: CYF and JYF, (Chi Rho will not be meeting because of the Chi Rho Retreat)

JYF will be preparing to lead our Stop Hunger Now Quarter campaign! JYF come join us as we work to end hunger and Love Big!

CYF will be led by Scott Gray and we will learn more about what sin is.  At deep talk a couple of weeks ago we were wondering about the rules in the Bible-which ones still matter, do some matter more than others, when we break the rules in the Bible are we sinning-we will discuss this and more!  Come join us for a great conversation.

Coming Soon

  • March 7: Defy Gravity Lock In RSVP’s are due to guarantee a spot
  • March 17: Camp SundayThis is the day to sign up and register for camps and mission trips this summer!  If you register this day you have a chance of winning a free camp or mission trip!  Check out the dates for camps and mission trips on the forms page of this website.
  • March 15: ASP Talent Show ASP is doing a talent show at church to raise money for the Appalachian Service Project trips!  If you have a talent and want to perform, talk to Lynne Mchaney or Allison Lanza. Everyone should plan to come watch the great talent.  
  • March 24: Easter Egg Hiding CYF and Chi Rho will be the Easter Bunnies helpers and will hide eggs for the church easter egg hunt.  Come at 9:45 to help hide.
  • March 28: Prayer Vigil The church has committed to 24 hours of prayer between Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.  You can sign up for a 30 minute slot to come and pray at the church.  Come with friends or with your family.  This is a great way to spend time with God as we remember Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection on Easter!

Connect with God

Have you seen this great basketball video?  Watch it now, it is linked below.

Treat others the way you want to be treated!

Everyone in this story works to love their neighbor!  This is what loving big as a Christian looks like.  When we love big, everyone wins!  This week…put someone else ahead of yourself and LOVE BIG!

Make a Difference

  • We will be making meals to feed the hungry with Stop Hunger Now with the church in June.  First we have to raise the money.  Each life-saving meal costs only a quarter!  Start collecting your quarters and bring them to church!

God’s love


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